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Tamil Songs

Tamil is a language spoken in South India as well as North-east Sri Lanka. Tamil songs are listened by Tamil listeners and speakers around the globe. Their movies are watched with great excitement and liked a lot by the audiences. Like Hindi movies, Tamil movies are also produced on vast subjects and issues. Mostly, the movies are based on love stories.

Music Maza has a huge directory of Tamil film songs. On the website you can listen to your favorite Tamil songs as many time as you want without being charged for it. They have songs from the movie Aa Aah which has a song named Thazhuvudu; the song is very famous for its music and beats, the soft voice of the singer adds to the fame of the song. Musicmaza also has the songs from the movie Nenji Jil Jil, their famous song Unakkaghe Thane is heard by Tamil speakers widely. Tamil singers have very sensual voices. They have great music with amazing beats. If you are music lover, no matter you understand Tamil or not, you will love the music in Tamil songs. It is light soft and soothing to the ears of the listeners. With Music Maza you can easily listen to Tamil songs of your choice.