Bollywood Singers

Playback Singing

Playback singing is one of the most important parts of Indian film and music industry. Playback singers are the vital components for making and completing any movie. The play back songs are prerecorded in the music studios. These recorded songs are then shoot on the actors and actresses.

The movie actors just lip-sync those songs which are sung by the playback singers. There are a number of playback singers working in Indian film industry and all of them have magical voice. Because of their superb and classy voice, some of the movies just get sky high publicity because of their songs.

There are a lot of playback singers who earn so much of publicity and popularity just because of their playback singing. They are recognized by their voice not by their names. The legendry singers include “ Alka Yagnik”, Asha Bhoseley”, Udit Narayan” and many more. People love to enjoy their songs. In fact some of their fans only watch movies because of the songs sung by their favorite playback singer.

Playback singing is the backbone of Indian film industry and without a good play back singer; the movie is incomplete and sometimes unsuccessful. Good playback singing is the key of the success of most of the movies.