Gali Gali Chor Hai

Reviewed By: Ali Tharwani, Dated: 2012-02-03

Gali Gali Chor Hai
In the past we have seen a number of movies made addressing different social issues of corruption and dishonesty in the society. The movie in question, GALI GALI CHOR HAI also highlights these social issues of anticorruption and depicts a fight against these issues.

GALI GALI CHOR HAI is the story that highlights the issues that are faced by our nation including bribery, cruelty, corruption and much more. The story is about a middle class family who live in Bhopal. There are showed a number of events where their live changes for ever and they suffer the cruelty of corruption. The movie draws the attention of audiences to these activities that we witness sometime or the other in our lives as well. It gives a message of not becoming a victim of such activities and rather declares a fight against them to end corruption.

The theme however is not unique and it has been the base of many Bollywood movies in the past where the story of betrayal and corruption of people has been narrated but what is different with this movie is that it relates the social issue with the present life examples.The crises and incidents depicted in the story are the ones that audience may relate to themselves or with their family and friends.

The characters and story narrated here is quite close to reality and identifies a serious issue in the most focused manner. The movie is directed by Rumy Jafry and he has done his part really well in the first half where everything seems relatable and practical.However the second half of the movie has some pits and falls where the story goes on to become impractical.

Akshaye Khanna plays the role of Meet Bharat who is a part time cashier as well as plays the role of Hanuman in Ramleela. He lives is a small town of Bhopal with his father played by Satish Kaushik.He is the man who believes in the free administration and a state free of corruption. Meet is a married man and his wife is Nisha played by Shriya Saran who is a school teacher.

Bharat wishes to become Lord Ram and this role is played by Sattu Tripathi who is the brother of MLA Manku Tripathi.The roles are played by Amit Mistry and Murli Sharma respectively of both the brothers. Sattu always seems quite unhappy with Hanuman for his performance in the show and Manku is also unhappy with Bharat as he refuses his campaign for re-election. There are also shown some differences with the father of Bharat. Bharat has a fan on his table which gets stolen one night. The rest of the story revolves around how Bharat faces corruption and bribery to get his fan back.

The movie GALI GALI CHOR HAI is the story of the fight of a common man against corruption and how he becomes the headline everywhere.The audience will have some smiles during the first part and the movie shows how a common man for without any reason is victimized by police,politicians and other officials.

The post interval part of the movie is quite illogical where the drama of Akshaye’s chase seems boring and rushed out. The script could have been more tightened and engaging in the second half as well as the finale lacks convincing power.The story moves quite quickly and abruptly in the second half.

The movie is an entertainer bearing a message for the society but the writing is loosened in the second half and could have been more clear and crispier. The music of the movie also doesn’t add beauty to it and there doesn’t seem much need or place for songs as well.The only track that seems to add some spice in the movie is the Veena Malik starrer 'Channo’ item number.Also the title track will catch your eye pictured on Kailash Kher.

Akshaye delivers his character wonderfully and with ease.He is always natural and performs quite well. Akshaye’s personality and get up also seems absolutely fine and suiting the character of a common man in the movie. the ladies in the movie doesn’t have much to do and thus Shriya Saran and Mugdha Godse are passable. Satish Kaushik goes extra mile with his character and is just the perfect material for the role. Annu Kapoor plays the role of a corrupt police officer and performs brilliantly. Murli Sharma and Amit Mistry perform well.Vijay Raaz is a shining star in a small role. Shashi Ranjan seems quite confident and Rajat Rawail will make you laugh at some points. Rajat Rawail is passable.
Overall the movie GALI GALI CHOR HAI is an entertainment movie with a social message depicted in the story.It would have done much better provided a strong and convincing conclusion would have been included.