Bollywood Old Songs

1980 Songs

The 1980s of bollywood is a period that is still remembered as it was a time for bollywood to boost. The movies produced in this period made their name throughout the world and the film industry grew a lot in the particular period. The 1980s period had the best actors of all time. One of the most well known name, that was a part of the 1980s movies and gave life to the Indian songs of that period is Amitabh Bachan. Amitabg Bachan acted in the movie named Sharabi which was a huge success. The movies had two songs that became very famous and are even re-mixed today; they are mujhe naulakha mangade re and Inteha hogayi intizar ki.

Apart from Sharabi, movies like Coolie, Ghulami, Nagina, Karma were appreciated by audiences and are still viewed. The music of 1980s are super hit tracks that are evergreen forever in the hearts of people. The music of that period touched the heart like no other time did. We hear songs each day but they eventually fade away from our minds. The songs that were of 1980s are still fresh and young in the hearts of people. One who is huge fan of the movies in 1980s should definitely check out Music Maza for huge range of songs from that period.