Indian Old Songs

1970 Songs

1970’s is the most super hit and legendary era of Indian film industry. The most blockbuster movies of 1970 are “Sholay”, “Yadoon ki Baraat” and Amar Prem. The hit songs of all these movies were very much admired and liked by the people. The 1970s’ music is quite different from today’s music.

But amazingly, the music of 1970 is still enjoyed by a very large number of people with the same excitement and enthusiasm. It is because that the music has composed of extremely eternal and pleasing rhythm beats and lyrics which have an everlasting and forever effect. The 1970’s music is truly based on the emotional and feelings of the people.

1970’s music is a perfect combination of soft, sweet, emotional, modern and light music. The 70’s music collection has a very vast range of music for every movement and for every relationship. Like if you love your friends then you must like the song” yeh dosti hum nahin choorain gay” and if you are in love with somebody then “chura liya hai tum ne jo dil ko” will be your favorite song.

In fact 1970’s music also has a collection of item songs like” mehbooba”. In short we can say that there is comparison of 70’s incredible songs.