Hema Malini to be honored with doctorate!

By: Gopz, Dated: 2012-09-28

Hema Malini to be honored with doctorate!
The dream girl of Bollywood town will be awarded a doctorate today on September 27th and this award will be given to her at the Singhania University Udaipur. Last we reported that the Norwegian government issued a stamp in honor of the contribution of Hema Malini towards Hindi cinema.

While talking about this honor, Hemaji said that when she was called to honor with a doctorate she asked "Why they have selected me for this honor when I have not achieved much.” She believes that this kind of honor should be given to divas like Amitji and Lataji who have done a lot. They told her that they have given me a doctorate for my contribution to the cinema.

She further said that through the profession she has chosen, she feels a sense of achievement. She said that she always wanted to become a doctor and now she will have a doctor attached to her name in a completely different context.

She believes that in recent time her best movie according to her is Baghban and the picture on the stamp is from the same movie which makes her quite happy. She will also be the brand ambassador for a campaign called Sarvam by the Aurobindo Society. This campaign would be aimed to empower and re-establish rural side of India. Talking about this campaign, Hemaji said that around more than 70% of Indian population lives in rural areas and even then this part of India is often neglected. She feels proud to be part of this campaign as the brand ambassador and says that she will work in the best possible manner to empower villagers.