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Pyar Kar
Played: 4548 times
Jane Kyoun
Played: 4245 times
Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat
Played: 4112 times
Nasha Yeh Pyar
Played: 4548 times
Aankhein Khuli Ho
Played: 4638 times
Papa Kehte Hain
Played: 5188 times
Dhere Dhere Aap
Played: 4813 times
Aa Kahin Duur Chalen
Played: 5296 times
Hai Mera Dil
Played: 4632 times
Mere Sanson Mein
Played: 4414 times
Phela Nasha
Played: 5402 times
Aaye Ho Mere Zindagi
Played: 4888 times
Mohabbat Naam Hai
Played: 3996 times
Bant Raha Tha
Played: 4287 times
Mere Mehboob Mere
Played: 4260 times
Awaz Do Hum Ko
Played: 4856 times
Aaja Mahiya
Played: 4940 times
Radha Kaise
Played: 4087 times
Kitna Pyar
Played: 4532 times
Aisa Zakham Diya
Played: 4686 times
Ishq Hua Kaise Hua
Played: 4198 times
Mehndi Laga
Played: 4372 times
Mujhe Nind Na Aye
Played: 4992 times
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