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I Love You Sayyoni - Remix
Played: 750 times

Played: 551 times

Played: 514 times
Nachle Its Folkish
Played: 573 times

Played: 511 times

Played: 517 times
I Love You O Sayyoni
Played: 607 times

Played: 518 times

Played: 515 times

Played: 510 times

Played: 520 times

Played: 526 times
Chhed De Pyar Ki Baat
Played: 583 times
Samjho Na
Played: 768 times
Tera Suroor - Unplugged
Played: 892 times

Played: 568 times

Played: 547 times
Chhed De Pyaar Ki Baat
Played: 571 times
Vaada Tainu
Played: 676 times

Played: 537 times

Played: 529 times
Tu Yaad Na Aaye Aisa
Played: 898 times
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