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Shattered Dreams
Played: 4370 times
Lock Me In Your Heart
Played: 4734 times
Miracle Of Love
Played: 3963 times
Missing You
Played: 4735 times
Who Do You Love
Played: 3931 times
Tender Heart
Played: 3612 times
Played: 4052 times
Waiting There For You
Played: 3939 times
Careless Whisper
Played: 5093 times
Power Of You N Me
Played: 3373 times
Love Is All
Played: 3839 times
What Good Is A
Played: 3230 times
Living With You
Played: 3534 times
My Lovers Gone
Played: 3339 times
To Love Some Body
Played: 3502 times
I Promise With Every Thing I M
Played: 3544 times
I Can Dream About U
Played: 3915 times
One In Love
Played: 3467 times
Played: 3491 times
Precious Love
Played: 3328 times
Spanish Guitar
Played: 3574 times
House Of Love
Played: 3453 times
Played: 3137 times
No Body Wants To Be Lonely
Played: 3565 times
Love Is Love
Played: 3381 times
I Know You By Heart
Played: 3791 times
You Took My Heart Away
Played: 3834 times
Dear Dairy
Played: 3531 times
The Power Love
Played: 3377 times
Played: 3508 times
Take My Breath Away
Played: 3941 times
Only For You
Played: 3479 times
Tender My Heart
Played: 3179 times
Love Will Always Win
Played: 3254 times
If We Fall In Love
Played: 3464 times
Season In The Sun
Played: 3438 times
You Should Be Mine
Played: 3378 times
Love Like Ours
Played: 3231 times
Every Day I Love You
Played: 4606 times
Tell It To Your Heart
Played: 3319 times
Some One To Love
Played: 3387 times
The Way You Make Me Feel
Played: 3694 times
Love Is All That Matters
Played: 3391 times
With Every Beat Of My Heart
Played: 3504 times
Thank You For Loving Me
Played: 3660 times
Somebody Already Broken My Hr8
Played: 3525 times
Every Time You Go Away
Played: 3923 times
Every Time I Close My
Played: 4146 times
On Bended Knee
Played: 3260 times
You Are Still The One
Played: 3841 times
I Love Me Some Him
Played: 3315 times
The Lady In Red
Played: 3647 times
World Without You
Played: 3673 times
If She Only Now
Played: 3413 times
Love Is All Around
Played: 3911 times
If You Were Here
Played: 3953 times
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