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Slipping Through My Friends
Played: 2702 times
The Winner Takes It All
Played: 1425 times
Our Last Summer
Played: 1159 times
Played: 1476 times
The Way Old Friends Do
Played: 1052 times
Played: 1727 times
Played: 1271 times
The Name Of The Game
Played: 1111 times
Like An Angel Passing
Played: 1214 times
The Day Before You Game
Played: 1032 times
My Love, My Life
Played: 1291 times
One Man, One Woman
Played: 1190 times
Played: 1085 times
Andante Andante
Played: 1377 times
I Wonder
Played: 1165 times
I Have A Dream
Played: 1819 times
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