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Played: 2434 times
Put Sardara De
Played: 1979 times
Played: 1638 times
Sah Ruk Dha
Played: 1621 times
Tenu Thakia
Played: 1708 times
Gode Wich
Played: 1835 times
Jatt Dha Truck
Played: 1559 times
Teray Bin
Played: 1681 times
Played: 1758 times
Jat Marda
Played: 1568 times
Oh Preet
Played: 1571 times
Played: 1710 times
R D B Walay
Played: 1769 times
Played: 1484 times
Munda Pat Laya
Played: 1605 times
Mehfil Yara Di
Played: 1596 times
Wedding Boliyan
Played: 1972 times
Kuriya Kuriya
Played: 1611 times
Dil Deya Raneeya
Played: 1762 times
Tere Mere Pyar
Played: 1746 times
Played: 1419 times
Played: 1517 times
Played: 2038 times
Desi Fly Chick
Played: 1777 times
Holi Holi
Played: 1655 times
Played: 1792 times
Sadi Gali
Played: 3036 times
Balle Balle Hogaye
Played: 2509 times
Played: 1796 times
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