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Raima Sen Biography

Raima Sen
Raima Sen’s birth name is Raima Sen Verma. She is known as a famous model and actress of Indian film Industry. She is 31 years old and was born on 11th November 1979 at Mahrashta, Mumbai. Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. Belonging to Bengali family, acting creeps in Raima’s blood. Most of her family members belong to this profession including her mother, grandmother and sister. Her father’s name is Bharat Dev Varma and he belongs to one of the royal families of Tripura. Raima is the granddaughter of Jaipurs Maharani Gayatri Devi. Her mother’s name is Moon Moon Sens. Her Sister Riya Sen is also a famous Indian actress. Both of the sisters adopted their surnames from their mother’s grandmother Suchitra Sen. Her mother Moon Moon Sen also belongs to a wealthy background. Her great grandfather Adinath Sen was a famous businessman of Kolkata.

Raima Sen made her first appearance in the Film Godmother. She played a minor role in the film and the major role of protagonist was performed by Shabana Azmi. As she was the new comer who was casted with such a big actress Mrs Shabana Azmi, her role in the film was overlooked by the public. The film gained a minor success after the release. Raima played the role of raveena tandans daughter in the film Daman.

Though she didn’t perform the main role, but her performance as a daughter of raveena tandans in the film was greatly appreciated by the public. Back to back she gave a series of average movies. She played a quite unique and one of its own kind roles in the movie Choker Bali. The film was directed by Ritupamo Ghosh.
The year 2005 proved to a lucky year for her. She was casted as a childhood friend of the very beautiful Vidya Balan in the movie Parineeta. The film was a big hit of the time and her role was really appreciated by the people of film industry. The film gave her a big recognition among the directors. Looking at her capabilities and good work she was casted in an action movie “Dus”. The film was a big success for Riya Sen.

Other than Hindi films riya also worked in a Bengali Film “Antar Mahal”. She performed a small role in this film. But this film was liked by the public and her small role gave her a huge fame.  After working in Tamil movie Raima did a main role in the film The Bong Connection in 2006. The film was directed by Anjan Dutta and the hero of the movie was Shayan Munshi. The story of Bong Connection was based on the lives of Bengalis in U.S. In 2007, Raima was casted with Abhay Deol in the film Manorama Six feet under which was directed by navdeep Singh. The film was critically appreciated for her good dialogues but could not perform well at the box office. Raima is unable to give any super hit movie until now and yet to perform any leading role. Her other films include Honeymoon Travels, Nishi Japan, Yatra, Sunglasses. In 2006 she was awarded with the most promising actress for her film Nishi Japan.

Raima could not gain that much attention of the public as compared to her sister Riya Sen and Mother Moon Moon Sen who are known as a status of sex symbol. Raima has usually a low key public profile.  Critics and journalists are of a view that Raima is very humble and down to earth by nature and comfortable to go with. Raima likes her home town Kolkata a lot. Her favorite Kolkata food is Aaloo Chat and Jhal Muri.
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