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Nigar Khan Biography

Nigar Khan
There is the great number of people who are working in the film industry around the world have different origins. When we see the examples of such origins, the name of Nigar Khan is among them. With the origin of both Norway and Iran, this sexy and sizzling character is new to the Bollywood and to the hearts of the people. Working and sustaining yourself in Bollywood is never been easy. Therefore, to keep you up to the mark is always the dream of the ambitious people. Only the people with the high dreams and high ambitions are seem to survive the human history and win. The life of Nigar Khan is among such examples. When we look at the life of this Iranian-Norwegian Bollywood film star, there are many things which are surrounding this character, but none such scandals have seem to shake her and her ambitions. The year of birth of Nigar Khan is 1984 with the place of birth being Iran. Most of her life after that was spent in Norway. Therefore, the effects of both cultures are present in her life. The early education in the school was completed in Norway, after that she was enrolled in graduation of Marketing and Advertising and acquired her bachelor’s degree. Later on, she had her master degree in international business from Australia. As she was brought up in Norway, she has good grip of Turkish, Farsi, English, Norwegian, Urdu and Hindi.

Nigar Khan has been in the news for the many scandals that are still roaming the internet. Among the first one was when she married to Sahil Khan, however, their marriage was not a success, and they were divorced. Later on, there were also the rumors of Nigar Khan to be involved with the Daya Nayak, and they were rumored to be dating. Daya Nayak is working in Mumbai Crime Branch as a detective. These rumors are false or true, there is still no statement on it from any side. Nigar Khan came to India to work in the movies; however, she had the visitor’s visa. Therefore, according to the ‘Times of India’ of February 7, 2005, she was asked to leave the country for Norway. By that time she had worked in the Indian movies, and has been coming and going back to Norway for 4 years. There was a suspicion that she was misusing the visitor’s visa. However, the proof came to light later and she was deported from India in 2005, as she failed to proof that she has the working visa of India.

Internet has some pictures of Nigar Khan when she appeared in the men’s magazine, namely “VI Menn.” These pictures of Nigar Khan were reported to be topless. However, there was the vigorous reaction from her as she claimed that these pictures are totally faked and are tempered with. Not only this, there was the “Wardrobe malfunction” of Nigar Khan later in the show in Oslo as her top slipped. This was great news for the cameras which took many pictures of it. Before Nigar Khan was deported from India, she had already worked in the various videos and movies. The first one being the remix music video namely “Chadti Jawani.” Later, she worked in the Bollywood movies, namely “Shaadi Ka Laddoo” in 2004, Jhoota Kahin Ka in 2005, Rudraksh, and then worked as the pole dancer in Double Cross in 2005. When Nigar Khan was deported from India, she continued to work in foreign movies, including the “Vita Smeralda” which was the Italian movie and released in 2006. There are no awards recorded for Nigar Khan.
Last Updated: 2011-09-16